The International Conference on Management Research and Economic Development (ICMRED 2023) was a hybrid conference which includes several workshops (offline and online) around the world. Prof. Arman Eshraghi from Cardiff Business School, Prof. Canh Thien Dang from King's College London, Prof. Davood Askarany from the University of Auckland, and Prof. Marwan Omar from Illinois Institute of Technology have chaired these workshops on related topics. ICMRED 2023 provided the participants with good opportunities to exchange ideas and build networks, and it will lead to further collaborations between both universities and other societies.


Cardiff Business School, UK

Workshop Chair: Prof. Arman Eshraghi, Professor in Cardiff Business School

As a satellite event of the ICMRED 2023 | International Conference on Management Research and Economic Development, the offline Workshop organized by Cardiff Business School (Cardiff, UK) was held on March 29, 2023. With the topic of the Role of Artificial Intelligence in Finance: The Case of ChatGPT. Prof. Arman Eshraghi from the Cardiff Business School chaired the Workshop, aiming to gain insights into examining the potential of ChatGPT and Open and interpretable AI in general to provide such benefits as 1) enabling frictionless, 24/7 customer interactions; 2) reducing the need for repetitive work such as financial data entry; 3) lowering false positives and human error; 4) providing real-time textual and sentiment analysis of financial discourse, among others. The participants had spirited debates and in-depth discussions about subjects like "Finance, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Open AI, ChatGPT." Please check the Workshop's official website for further details.

King's College London, UK

Workshop Chair: Prof. Canh Thien Dang, Assistant Professor in King's College London

On 26 April 2023, in collaboration with ICMRED 2023 and KBS, KCL, we organised a research workshop for (research and taught) postgraduates and senior undergraduate students at King's Business School, KCL. The workshop was well attended by nearly 35 students. We cover a few topics related to Business, Management, and Accounting Practices in the US and Vietnam after Covid. Two external researchers from Lancaster Management School (Lancaster University, UK) and The Open University and Glasgow University were invited to deliver two research papers. One presentation discusses the key literature on how refinancing risks affect firm performance, (textual) tones in earnings and consequential investment efficiency. The other discusses how commercialisation in the higher education industry in developing countries affects learning ability of Business and Economics students. Both presentations were well received, and we had lively discussions (not shared) regarding the methodologies and results. The workshop ended with a buffet lunch. We thank ICMRED 2023 and KBS for sponsoring the event.

The University of Auckland, New Zeland

Workshop Chair: Prof. Davood Askarany, Senior Lecturer in The University of Auckland

Accurate costing is the fundamental factor for proper decision-making in organisations. This workshop shows you how to allocate the costs of supporting departments to the production department using the Solver function.

One of the most useful features of Excel is its Solver function, which allows users to find the optimal solution for a problem by changing specific variables in a spreadsheet model. Solver is particularly useful for problems that involve complex calculations and multiple constraints, such as optimisation, scheduling, and resource allocation. With Solver, users can input different sets of variables and constraints, and Excel will automatically adjust the values to find the best solution based on a specified objective function. This feature has made Excel an invaluable tool for decision-makers, researchers, and analysts who need to make informed choices based on quantitative data.

This workshop shows you how to develop your cost functions and define supporting and production departments in a mathematical way to be understood by excel. Then it takes you step by step to install and run the solver function to allocate the costs of the supporting department to production departments; it defines each cell in the excel file and describes the procedures operated on each cell by the Solver.

Illinois Institute of Technology, USA

Workshop Chair: Prof. Marwan Omar, Associate Professor in Illinois Institute of Technology

The workshop on the role of information technology in energy efficiency and green development with a focus on Green IT brought together experts from various fields to explore the economic benefits of Green IT and strategies for implementing sustainable practices in technology systems. The workshop covered a broad range of topics, including energy-efficient hardware, sustainable data center design, software optimization, e-waste reduction, and sustainable procurement.

Participants discussed the economic benefits of Green IT, including cost savings, increased competitiveness, and job creation in the renewable energy sector. They also explored strategies for reducing energy consumption and environmental impact in technology systems, including the use of renewable energy sources, improving cooling efficiency, optimizing server utilization, and reducing e-waste.

Finally, the workshop will explore how Green IT can be used to promote sustainable economic development in both developed and developing countries. This includes exploring the economic benefits of Green IT, identifying opportunities for innovation and job creation in the sector, and exploring strategies for implementing sustainable practices in technology infrastructure.

Overall, the workshop highlighted the critical role that Green IT can play in promoting sustainable economic development while also reducing environmental impact. The insights and ideas generated by the workshop can help to drive progress towards a more sustainable future while also promoting economic growth and competitiveness.

Online Session

The online session of the International Conference on Management Research and Economic Development (ICMRED 2023) was held on on April 28, 2023. Prof. Arman Eshraghi from Cardiff Business School, Prof. Canh Thien Dang from King's College London, Prof. Eghbal Rahimikia from University of Manchester, Prof. Manjeevan Singh Seera from Monash University Malaysia, Prof. Davood Askarany from the University of Auckland, Prof. Javier Cifuentes-Faura from University of Murcia, Prof. Ather Azim Khan from University of Sialkot, Prof. Muhammad Asif from City University of Science and Information Technology, Prof. Waseem Ahmad from University of Agriculture and Prof. Muhammad Hashim from National Textile University have given keynote speeches on related topics of business, finance, economics, and management,etc. Also, we invited authors of qualified papers to deliver oral presentations at the Online Session. Four authors have presented their studies of managerial characteristics, digitalization of business, consumer behavior, etc. Questions from the audience were collected and answered by the presenters.


Title: The Financial Impact of Corporate Exposure to Prior Disasters
Presented by: Prof. Arman Eshraghi, Cardiff Business School
Title: CEO Compensation Package and Misreporting: Evidence from Benford's Law
Presented by: Dr. Canh Thien Dang, King's College London
Title: Realised Volatility Forecasting: Machine Learning via Financial Word Embedding
Presented by: Eghbal Rahimikia, Alliance Manchester Business School
Title: Intelligent Fraudulent Detection System for Payment Cards
Presented by: Manjeevan Singh Seera, Monash University Malaysia
Title: The Evolution of Balanced Scorecard
Presented by: Dr. Davood Askarany, University of Auckland
Title: Assessing the Effect of Political-Economic Variables on Public Debt Per Capita: The Case of Spanish Municipalities
Presented by: Javier Cifuentes-Faura, University of Murcia
Title: A Comparative Test of Multifactor Asset Pricing Models in the Dynamic Regimes of Financial Crisis
Presented by: Dr. Ather Azim Khan, University of Sialkot, Pakistan
Title: Determinants of Brand Switching: A Case of Telecommunication Sector
Presented by: Waseem Ahmad, University of Agriculture Faisalabad
Title: Islamic Finance: Status and Challenges
Presented by: Dr. Muhammad Asif, City University of Science and Information Technology, Peshawar, Pakistan
Title: Modeling Supply Chain Sustainability-related Risks and Vulnerability
Presented by: Dr. Muhammad Hashim, Faisalabad Business School, National Textile University, Faisalabad, Pakistan
Title: The Managerial Characteristics of Owner-Manager in Small Industrial Firm - A Qualitative Study
Presented by: Imran Bashir, Lahore Leads University, Lahore, Pakistan
Title: Digitalization: Challenges on Digitalization of Businesses
Presented by: Jeannievilyn Ola, De La Salle University, De La Salle College of Saint Benilde
Title: Critical Factors Impacting Consumer Behavior in Douyin E-commerce
Presented by: Lixuan Wei, The University of Melbourne
Title: How Does the Cultural Background Affect the International Business: A Readable Case Study of Costco in China Mainland
Presented by: Zihao Wang, Anderson School of Management, the University of New Mexico


You can find the Youtube Playlist of online session Here.


Accepted papers of ICMRED 2023 will be published in Advances in Economics Management and Political Sciences (Print ISSN 2754-1169) and will be submitted to Conference Proceedings Citation Index (CPCI), Crossref, CNKI, Portico, Google Scholar, and other databases for indexing.

Title: Advances in Economics Management and Political Sciences
Press: EWA Publishing, United Kingdom
ISSN: 2754-1177 (electronic)